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Training Sessions 7 cities (Newsletter 3)

AB-Bilgi training sessions will take place in seven Turkish cities on the second half of September

The AB-Bilgi project will organize seven training sessions in different cities of Turkey during next September.

According to the last scheduled activities project the cities of Ankara, Bursa, Izmir, Adana, Diyarbakir, Erzurum and Trabzon will receive the visit of the AB Bilgi technical team formed by journalists and experts on European Union policies and funds. In each city we’ll offer a short training session targeted on journalists and civil society representatives, which aims to approach the local population to the European Union funds, programs and projects.

The training sessions will start on September 15th in Ankara and will end on September 28th in Trabzon. In Bursa the training session will take place on September 17th, in Izmir on September 19th, in Adana on September 21st, in Diyarbakir on September 23rd and in Erzurum on September 26th.

The training session’s aims to inform and training local journalists and civil society representatives about the European Union funds available for the Turkish population, what kind of European programs are open for Turkish entities and what kind of these entities are eligible to concur to the European funds. During these sessions experts on EU policies will explain the attendees how they can submit their proposals and how they can form a transnational partnership in the European Union countries.

During the training sessions, the attendees will be informed about the different Turkish experiences linked with the participation on the European Union projects which have been selected for their dissemination in the TV programs created during the AB-Bilgi project.

For the implementation of these training sessions the technical team of AB-Bilgi project is working on cooperation agreement between Indagando TV and local private or public entities for all these cities in order to exchange some aspects related to the training organisation.

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