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EU in Turkey - Approching the EU to citizens through journalists | AB Türkiye'de- Vatandaşlara Gazetecilerle Ulaşan AB | UE en Turquía – Acercar la UE a los ciudadanos a través de los periodistas

Who is who in the EU – Phil Hogan

Phil Hogan

EU Comissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development Phil Hogan studied Economics and Geography in Cork (Ireland). After working on the family farm and create his own company, he gave way to local politics. Since then he has been part of the Irish Parliament and held senior positions in the Fine Gael party. In 2011 he was appointed Minister of Environment ...

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Give us your opinion… Rocío Gómez


Rocío Gómez is a Spanish journalist specialized in rural development and European projects. Do you think European journalists know the real life in Turkey and vice versa? No, I don´t.  What I think is that, in general, there is a great professional ignorance in both directions. The information maelstrom in which we are everyday, places Turkey  far from our focus ...

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The STACCATO program advances in research for sustainable agriculture

Staccato project

The STACCATO program will develop a new research project to promote the sustainable development of agricultural ecosystems. This project involves the quantification of the sensitivity of the functions and services of ecosystems in landscapes dominated by agriculture in representative areas of Europe. The study will relate landscapes with intensive land use both locally and regionally, socio-economic status of farmers, the ...

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The European Union updates in Cork its commitment to rural development

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The European Conference on Rural Development was held  in Cork 20 years ago.  This meeting ended with the Cork Declaration, a document whose firm promoted rural development policies by including them as priorities on the European agenda. The Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development wants to repeat this milestone with the celebration of a new Conference, also in Cork, on ...

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Who is who in the EU – Marco Buti

Marco Buti at the Beaulieu

Director-General for Economic and Financial Affairs at the European Commission. After studies at the Universities of Florence and Oxford, Buti joined the European Commission in 1987. He held various posts as an economist in DG ECFIN and the Commissioner’s cabinet (private office) before taking up a post as an economic adviser to the Commission President in 2002-03. In 2003 he returned to ...

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Syrian Refugees Project

Ekip Ideyapim

One of the projects that Ide Productions has been working on is a documentary film project, directly related to the issue of Syrian refugees which has stigmatized harshly the last couple of years of world agenda. The true escape story of two Syrian musician refugee brothers, named Mehyar and Alaa Aboud who have been going on their lives in Berlin ...

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Give us your opinion… Elcin Celik

Elcin Celik (Ideyapim)

Elcin Celik, producer at Ide Yapim, a Turkish broadcast that participates in AB-Bilgi Project. Do you think European journalists know the real life in Turkey and vice versa? No I don’t think so. To be aware of this country’s political agenda is not the same thing with knowing the daily life going on here. The politics can be studied methodically in ...

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Audiovisual communication can be a good tool to integrate the refugees in Europe


Indagando TV and four European organizations have presented an audiovisual project at de European Union in order to use the audiovisual creation as a tool to disseminate and promote an effective integration of the refugee population. The aim of this initiative is to contribute to a real connection between the refugees and host inhabitant population; to promote the European citizens ...

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Give us your opinion… Silvia de Félix

Silvia de Félix

Silvia de Félix, journalist and international consultor in mass media and elections. Which is the European journalists’ understanding of Turkey? Are they interested in Turkish politics and economy? At the same time, how does Turkish media reflect Europe and European Union concept? At the very beginning of 2000, I had the opportunity to live and work in Ankara and Istanbul. ...

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