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Give us your opinion… Mehlika Celik


Do you think that European journalists know about the life in Turkey? A clear answer may not be very accurate for such a general question, it is very difficult to know about the real life in Turkey, we do know that Istanbul is a beautiful city and Turkey’s extraordinary prototype. This being the case, many European journalists in Turkey prefer ...

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Give us your opinion… Tony Conelly


Tony Connelly (County Antrim, Ireland, 1964) is a journalist and author. He Works as Europe Editor for RTÉ News and Current Affairs. We ask him about relationship between journalism and Turkey present. Do you think European media and society know the reality of Turkey and its culture or habits? I think that a lot of Irish people go to Turkey ...

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Give us your opinion… Bekir Sahin


Bekir Sahin, PhD Surmene Faculty of Marine Sciences. Do you think that European journalists know the life of in Turkey? We live in the 21st century which the globe has become a global village, an event that took place in the world, can be informed immediately. In Turkey in every region, province even in districts there are thousands of local and ...

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Give us your opinion… Seda Gayretli


Seda Gayretli is a professor at Karadeniz Technological University, in Turkey. Law graduate and Phd. in international law on Intellectual Property and Energy and Environment, has worked in professional offices in the United States and Turkey and participated in the World Intellectual Property Organization of the United Nations (WIPO). She is passionate about research and says she wants to be ...

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Give us your opinion… Aykut Denizhan


Aykut Denizhan, freelance journalist. Do you think Turkish journalists know the reality of the EU, and vice versa? In the near past, Europe follows the situation in Turkey, but due to undergo continuous revision of the dynamics, I don’t think that this is a complete follow-up of the situation in Turkey. Due to the multicultural nature of life in our ...

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Give us your opinion… Pilar Balet

Pilar Balet

Pilar Balet is a communications consultant specializing in projects that generate positive social impact; she develops social communication projects and projects aimed at strengthening and professionalization of the Third sector, citizen participation, social impact measurement and transparency. She also coordinates communications and marketing actions at Stone Soup consulting. She has a degree in Communication from the University of Navarra and ...

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Give us your opinion… Rocío Gómez


Rocío Gómez is a Spanish journalist specialized in rural development and European projects. Do you think European journalists know the real life in Turkey and vice versa? No, I don´t.  What I think is that, in general, there is a great professional ignorance in both directions. The information maelstrom in which we are everyday, places Turkey  far from our focus ...

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Give us your opinion… Elcin Celik

Elcin Celik (Ideyapim)

Elcin Celik, producer at Ide Yapim, a Turkish broadcast that participates in AB-Bilgi Project. Do you think European journalists know the real life in Turkey and vice versa? No I don’t think so. To be aware of this country’s political agenda is not the same thing with knowing the daily life going on here. The politics can be studied methodically in ...

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Give us your opinion… Silvia de Félix

Silvia de Félix

Silvia de Félix, journalist and international consultor in mass media and elections. Which is the European journalists’ understanding of Turkey? Are they interested in Turkish politics and economy? At the same time, how does Turkish media reflect Europe and European Union concept? At the very beginning of 2000, I had the opportunity to live and work in Ankara and Istanbul. ...

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