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ENHANCE, a partnership to improve the resilience of the population to natural disasters

The mitigation of the impact of natural disasters is the subject of numerous European research projects. Events like a flood, the eruption of a volcano or fire, are more frequent due to causes such as climate change and, although these hazards may not be prevented, it is possible to reduce its impact. With this aim works all the partners involved in ENHANCE, a European project that aims to enhance society’s resilience to catastrophic natural hazard impacts.

The ENHANCE consortium consists on 24 partners (public and private organizations, universities, financial sector …) of 11 European countries. The Project will create new multi sector partnerships (MSP) and studying their potential through 10 case studies, previously established. If successful, these models or working groups would be replicated in similar catastrophes studied.

Specifically what is intended to do Enhance it is:

  • Harmonise dynamic scenarios of vulnerability, exposure and hazard at the pan- European scale using existing information and new probabilistic approaches for multi-hazards.
  • Create guidelines and key features for enhancing MSP interaction in successful resilience enhancement and risk reduction.
  • Methods for linking MSPs to novel scientific risk scenarios and assessments.
  • A toolbox of economic instruments and non-structural mitigation measures for assessing risk and increasing societal resilience.

The Project is developed in 10 case studies which are, among others: air industry response to volcanic eruptions, drought management in Jucar river basin district, climate variability&technological risk in the Po basin, building railway transport resilience to alpine hazards or Insurance&forest fire resilience.

The Project started on 2012 and will be finished this year within a cost of 7,5 million euro.

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