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Give us your opinion… Bekir Sahin

Bekir Sahin, PhD Surmene Faculty of Marine Sciences.

Do you think that European journalists know the life of in Turkey?

We live in the 21st century which the globe has become a global village, an event that took place in the world, can be informed immediately. In Turkey in every region, province even in districts there are thousands of local and foreign media organizations from every voice. Many local and foreign TV channels, newspapers, radio stations broadcast. These publications are also vividly and active in the internet. There are also millions of Turkish citizens in Europe.

All kinds of information can be shared instantly via social media. European journalists, I think they are immediately informed of all information in the visual and written media. As in every part of the world also in Turkey there are several vulnerable groups such as minorities and people who live in poor areas that can’t make their rights known. For those groups there are several International Non Governmental Organizations that support them. The same situation is true for Turkey. As Turkey is an open and transparent country, European journalists, if they want, they can learn about Turkey. In addition, news about life and about living in Turkey, statistics, reports about Turkey and are shared with the public on a regular basis by international organizations such as the EU and the UN.

On the other hand Europe is not very different country from Turkey. For instance, Greece, Germany etc. are countries with a lifestyle, with many significant similarities between social reflexes in relation to Turkey. Therefore, as I think that European journalists know the reality in Turkey.

If Turkish society were more informed about the assistance and funding that can receive from EU do you think that would be more interested in the European Union?

I think that instead of giving information about funds and grants, it is more important to show to the Turkish community how these funds will be approached in the fastest and easy way avoiding bureaucracy. I think that in Turkey people are aware of the existence of a large part of grants and funds providing by EU. But that’s all. So these funds are in function. But how to reach this funds, what to do, how to use, to who are planed and similar questions remain unanswered. Like you, more awareness programs must be organized for Turkish society in order to ensure the increase of the awareness of these funds.

Being in contact with European journalists do you think will be useful in your daily work?

Journalists make every effort to inform us. Of course, following in the world, markets, technologies, business opportunities, policies, health, sports, music, art and similar, is very useful information which contributes to our daily work. In particular, there is an international dimension of the Academicians. Besides this, a non-global business cannot remain even local. International partnerships, project facilities, universities, countries, opportunities, political events, issues such as the progress of the economy directly or indirectly associated with our work. There are good opportunities in Europe. For example, the European trade, industry and agriculture are developed and also lead the science. Universities are quite efficient. Therefore, I think that in my daily work of being in contact with European journalists about issues would provide very positive contribution.

Do you think that in order to establish international communication, audio and video tools about Europe would help you in your daily work?

Both the extensive use of digital media in the world and our work with great speed and easy access makes it easier in every sense. Instant video with audio tools can be discussed with everyone, sharing information and documents can be made. Cloud technology application in mobile phones, that participants can also contribute to provide video chat / networking platforms and communication channels with new technological developments, so that our work would become more practical and easy.


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