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Ceren Gergeroglu (Cooperation for Peace)

Ceren Gergeroglu, Coordinator of Assembly of Cooperation for Peace in Aragon (Spain)

Ceren Gergeroglu, Coordinator of Assembly of Cooperation for Peace in Aragon (Spain). She was born in Ankara and she studied International Relations at the Middle East Technical University. She lives in Spain since 2007.

Do you think European journalists know the real life in Turkey and vice versa?

Yes and no. To be able to say that someone knows the real life in somewhere, I think s/he should live there, talk a lot with people from there, take many taxis, loose her/himself in little streets in different cities of a country, not only in metropoles. Actually, it’s the only valid formula for many countries, cities… Moreover, there are many dynamics in Turkey that make this country special and it’s really difficult to interpret from Europe. Because of that, I think only journalists who have been in Turkey or have witnessed many things could make the real, true interpretations of these dynamics. However, from far away, depending on the translations and observations It’s difficult to claim that you know the real life in Turkey.

Do you think the Turkish population could be more interested in Europe if they were informed on aids and economic funds that they could access?

Yes, at the end, unfortunately, It’s really interesting for everyone “economic development” “economic aids” more than anything. If you say to the people that EU would increase the quality of life in a direct and economic way, for sure they would start the lobby actions tomorrow and even they would organize for it. But, I want to believe that EU is more than funds and economic aids. I want to believe that UE is a union of values. I want to believe that EU is a union of political values especially on human rights and real democracy implementation.

It would be useful for your daily work to get in contact with European journalists? To make your international information, would it be easier for your work to have video and audio tools about Europe?

Of course yes. Actually it’s our debt to be in touch not only with European journalists but also with all the journalist from all over the world. Because right now, we all have this oportunity thats to internet, thanks to social networks. If we are not in touch, it would mean automatically “ignorance” of what is going on around the world. And naturally it would be easier for everyones work having video and audio tools about Europe.

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