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Give us your opinion… Mehlika Celik

Do you think that European journalists know about the life in Turkey?

A clear answer may not be very accurate for such a general question, it is very difficult to know about the real life in Turkey, we do know that Istanbul is a beautiful city and Turkey’s extraordinary prototype. This being the case, many European journalists in Turkey prefer to follow the news from Istanbul, the advantages and disadvantages in this case are also under consideration; but also even if I am a person who loves Istanbul, Turkey is not only Istanbul. Anatolia has hosted before us different cultures and civilizations. It is really the cradle of civilization with a history dating thousands of years.

In order to know the life in Turkey and to assess objectively all this historical, social, political and economic structure to follow, knowledge, you have to live here. A multicultural structure! Can many European journalists do this? I think not too many.

Besides this, there are European journalists that can understand the life in Turkey better than some Turkish journalists. There are many European journalists that I follow their objective analysis and their publications.

Do you think that if Turkish society was more informed about the available funds, would be more interested with the European Union?

Definitely, yes. People can be more informed. This is a manageable process. Several communication tools such as television, newspapers, social media etc. can be used in order to inform people about the available funds. In this context, media, civil society organizations and the primary actors in the accession process of public institutions will establishment of a solid network by providing support and informing the public through seminars in regional level. This will increase interest about the European Union. Turkey will contribute to more efficient use of EU pre-accession funds, and improve management tools to develop joint projects.

Turkey-EU relations in the country have to be integrated into the society for increasing mutual understanding and improving their perception of each other without waste of time in a very fast way. This process can be completed by conscious human factor.

Aid and funds as well as a great advantage for any candidate country Turkey pre-accession to the European Union. Important to use these funds to develop the capacity of countries with different projects in specific areas.

Do you think that being in contact with European journalists will be useful in your daily work?

Of course, to be in contact with European journalists, you can facilitate access to objective information without losing time and avoiding unbalanced information. This situation creates the framework for avoiding irrelevant knowledge.

The only way for countries like Turkey to utilize the return of information and communication technology, it is to use these technologies. Facilitating the free flow of information on international communication is advantageous in every respect.

Do you think that in order to establish international communication, audio and video tools about Europe would help you in your daily work?

Yes, it is impossible to think otherwise, I think that a lot of work regarding information technology will be easier.

A new world is being established. This world is a really small world. Everyone and everything is now a key so close to us … Especially, this offers the possibility for quickly and easily share with Europe. It is increasingly difficult to find common time and space and costs a lot for international meetings. Internet offers cheap and easy solutions for these difficulties.

It is difficult to realize how much these developments of IT industry affect our life, most of the political and social structures in the world are forced to change. There are many political, social and cultural formations that have been organized through internet. We know that Obama having the support of young people who organized an internet campaign became a US President.

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