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Give us your opinion… Seda Gayretli

Seda Gayretli is a professor at Karadeniz Technological University, in Turkey. Law graduate and Phd. in international law on Intellectual Property and Energy and Environment, has worked in professional offices in the United States and Turkey and participated in the World Intellectual Property Organization of the United Nations (WIPO).

She is passionate about research and says she wants to be the one of the top academician and legal counsel in my areas (IP law, Energy Law).

Do you think Turkish journalists know the reality of the EU, and vice versa?

Turkish journalists don’t know the reality of EU unless they have a political science or legal background. EU journalist know nothing about reality in Turkey, they are judgemental.

Do you think the Turkish population would be more interested in Europe if they were informed on aids and economic funds?

Definitely yes. However more detailed information and examples would help better to increase the number of population who are interested in aids and funds.

What kind of information or materials would have to provide to Turkish journalists to transfer this information about the EU?

Turkish people like to watch tv series if one of these talk about these funds. I am sure lots of people will get suddenly interested in, or reality shows. Also people wants to see that it is possible to get funds. Therefore if they can provide the stories of people examples of people who were able to get funds or aids it would work better to encourage people.

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