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Give us your opinion

Abdullah Reha Nazli

Journalist, entrepreneur and expert on audiovisual communication. He’s a manager of a bookstore and a small TV producer. You can find more about him at www.rehha.com

Do you think European journalists know the real life in Turkey and vice versa?

There is not sufficient information about the opportunities of Turkey in the framework of EU policies and programs. So information and training given by consultants with experience in these subjects can help to inform and train people how they can advantage of these opportunities. So such a knowhow projects I think that it is in the according to the needs of Turkish society.

Do you think the Turkish population could be more interested in Europe if they were informed on aids and economic funds that they could access?

Yes, there are these opportunities in the websites but they are so difficult to understand with many details so I would propose to make this information easier to understand and include examples of past projects etc.

It would be useful for your daily work to get in contact with European journalists? To make your international information, would it be easier for your work to have video and audio tools about Europe?

Of course, we would like to have cooperation with journalists from European countries, especially we would like to learn how they work with Internet, how they approach people and readers, how they use smartphones and new technologies. In all these subjects we would like to have exchange experience and knowhow with European journalists.

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