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Presenta AB-Bilgi Embajada de Turquía

The Embassy of Turkey in Spain has known our project

A technical representative team of the Embassy of Turkey in Spain has received a part of the manager team of AB-Bilgi project in Madrid, in order to know the main contents and objectives of this European-Turkish initiative.

Both Mrs. Graziella Almedral, Director of Indagando TV and Mr. Santiago Algora, technical project manager have explained the Turkish Embassy staff, the content of the ten TV programs which are preparing in order to inform the Turkish civil society the EU policies which could be took in advantage by the local population. At the same time, the meeting has been used to inform about the training sessions which will be prepared in seven different Turkish cities on September.

The Turkish Embassy has offered its cooperation and has shown its interest to participate with us and to approach us to the main Turkish information sources as well as the local entities which could participate on the project development in Turkey.

During our visit we asked the active participation of Mr. Ömer Önhon, ambassador of Turkey in Spain, who we hope to interview so soon to talk about his personal vision from Spain about the role of Turkey as preferred European Union neighbour.

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