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The STACCATO program advances in research for sustainable agriculture

Staccato project

The STACCATO program will develop a new research project to promote the sustainable development of agricultural ecosystems. This project involves the quantification of the sensitivity of the functions and services of ecosystems in landscapes dominated by agriculture in representative areas of Europe. The study will relate landscapes with intensive land use both locally and regionally, socio-economic status of farmers, the ...

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The European Union updates in Cork its commitment to rural development

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The European Conference on Rural Development was held  in Cork 20 years ago.  This meeting ended with the Cork Declaration, a document whose firm promoted rural development policies by including them as priorities on the European agenda. The Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development wants to repeat this milestone with the celebration of a new Conference, also in Cork, on ...

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BIOES2, a tool to know the sources of entrepreneurship in rural areas

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The Intercoop Foundation has developed in Spain Bioes2, a methodology wich allows to promote the implementation of entrepreneurial initiatives that bring wealth and sustainable development in rural áreas. To achieve this, they have created a tool to gather information on resources of specific rural areas and create indicators that quantify these resources, so that decision can be made to develope ...

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Syrian Refugees Project

Ekip Ideyapim

One of the projects that Ide Productions has been working on is a documentary film project, directly related to the issue of Syrian refugees which has stigmatized harshly the last couple of years of world agenda. The true escape story of two Syrian musician refugee brothers, named Mehyar and Alaa Aboud who have been going on their lives in Berlin ...

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Audiovisual communication can be a good tool to integrate the refugees in Europe


Indagando TV and four European organizations have presented an audiovisual project at de European Union in order to use the audiovisual creation as a tool to disseminate and promote an effective integration of the refugee population. The aim of this initiative is to contribute to a real connection between the refugees and host inhabitant population; to promote the European citizens ...

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Youth Employment Initiative

News_web (YouthEmployment) by Alvimann

The Youth Employment Initiative was launched to provide extra support to young people aged below 25 and living in regions where youth unemployment was higher than 25% in 2012. It will particularly support young people who are not in education, employment or training (NEETs), including long-term unemployed youngsters or those not registered as job-seekers.

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Turkey launches a 24-hour news channel in English

TRT 24hours English News

A new English-language television channel will broadcast 24 hours a day hand in glove with the Turkish Radio Television (TRT).It aims to provide Turkish perspective, how they understand current events. The new channel will be broadcasting in June. It is located in Istanbul and will have studios in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Washington DC and London. TRT has 15 TV channels, ...

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“Social Europe”, Recommendations for a more caring EU

Social Union Report (Newsletter 4)

Policymakers at EU and national levels must act urgently to recover lost ground in areas stretching from education to employment and job creation right across to the treatment of immigrant job-seekers, within the EU and from further afield. These subjects figure at the final report about “Social Europe”, developed by an heterogeneous group of experts under the chairmanship of former Belgian ...

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